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Do you feel like the rules for asexuality in Monsterhearts 2 are a little lacking?

Then this is the supplement for you!

Written by three asexual creators (and lovers of Monsterhearts), this supplements contains:

  • Additional rules for playing people on the asexual spectrum.
  • 6 new playbooks aiming to capture different aspects of the ace experience.
  • Rewritten 'intimacy' moves for the base playbooks.

With these, we aim to make playing an asexual character just as fun and doable as an allosexual character, with rules and playbooks based off our own experience. If you're unfamiliar with asexuality but still want to give it a try, then this supplement also contains a handy glossary for all the terms we use throughout the book that you might be unfamiliar with.

Written by Sydney Marsing, Sawyer "Ferret" Rankin and SmallRedRobin13

Art by MaysarArt and Rai_Does_Random_Art

CategoryPhysical game
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Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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Ooooooo this is wonderful! I like the extra rules a lot and love all the new skins!

I heard about this on a recent episode of the AP podcast "These Silent Secrets" and was immediately interested. I liked the gesture of including some consideration of asexuality in the Monsterhearts 2 book, but it did feel a little underdeveloped maybe, so I was really happy to see some rules written by and for people under the ace/aro umbrella.

I've literally read it through once, but the immediate thoughts are:

  • the demi rules are inspired! I read it and was like "huh, well ofc that's how it would work!" - the mark of truly great design
  • the ace rules in particular (the bit I relate to personally) were kind of uncomfortable to read and I loved that. It really captures the "thanks, I hate it" nature of being flirted with.
  • the new skins are really intriguing; the Visitor and the Vampyr in particular stood out.
  • the glossary at the back is great and will be really helpful when playing in games with allosexual players and characters.

Overall, this is fantastic supplement and well worth the price!