You are, for whatever reason, sick of the lightning storms that Zeus creates (amongst the other stuff that Zeus pulls on an almost-daily basis) and have decided to take action. Not by praying to him and asking to stop, but by breaking into Olympus and stealing every lightning bolt not nailed down. As well as some that are nailed down, because, well, better safe than sorry...

This game was made for the Bitsy 'Clouds' Jam. It's also my first attempt at a videogame.

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Made withbitsy
Tags2D, mythology, Pixel Art


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This was a really impressive first project!

I liked your dialogue and concept. Good use of room transitions and mazes to encourage exploration. I would have liked to see a bit more dialogue, though! The writing you did have was very good.

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Nice game!

One thing I would change is the resolution to 512x512 or higher cause it's too small this way