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For those who supported me back in the day, you may be aware that Down With The Beargeosie was my very first crowdfunding campaign.

Well since then, I've run several crowdfunding campaigns, successful or otherwise. I've also switched from Kickstarter to Crowdfundr, to take advantage of their Crowdfundr Thunder program, and once again I have a new crowdfunding campaign!

If you like gmless games, gothic horror and family secrets, then this is the game for you. 

Buried Deep is a table-top roleplaying game about uncovering a long-hidden family secret. It is a hack of Nick Bate's Stealing The Throne in which you play a family discovering that their family history is much less clear-cut than they originally thought. What makes this game unique is the adaptation of Bate's mechanics for moving through a physical space into one designed to move through a mystery.

Using a deck of cards, you'll be working together to navigate the complicated process of uncovering a long buried family secret. However, you won't be doing it alone. Not only will you have your family at your side, but the secret itself longs to be uncovered, and is aiding you along the way.

I'm hoping to raise $1600AUD (just over $1000USD) to cover artwork, editing, layout and a small print run. The campaign can be subscribed to here, we launch tomorrow on the 7th of February.  If this seems like something that would appeal, please check it out or share it around, every little bit of support helps!

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